8 Benefits of Aluminum Jet Boats

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Functional, lightweight, and durable, aluminum jet boats have plenty of applications. Highly durable, our aluminum jet boats allow you to go places that other boats simply cannot go to. Many customers find themselves feeling safe in their adventures because of the resilience and strength aluminum offers. Plus, these boats are great for use in choppy waves, on rocky shores, and in shallow waters. When you invest in an aluminum jet board, you will find yourself easily navigating debris fields, pushing forward in rough waters, and powering up onto shorelines with ease and confidence.

In this article, we will look at jet boats in detail.

What Are Aluminum Jet Boats?

An aluminum jet boat is a vessel with an aluminum body that’s propelled by a jet of water expelled from the back of the vessel. As compared to a motorboat or powerboat that makes use of an external propeller in the water behind or below the boat, a jet boat pulls the water from underneath the boat via an intake and into a pump jet located inside the boat before forcing it via a nozzle placed at the stern.

Benefits of Aluminum Jet Boats

Let’s check out some of the benefits of aluminum jet boats.

1. Easily Worked

Aluminum and its properties are highly suited for boat fabrication. Lightweight, flexible, and intensely strong, aluminum can easily be transformed into durable and practical applications for watercraft. Unique fabrication applications can transform aluminum sheets into the best-welded jet boats available on the market today.

2. Durable and Lightweight

The durable and lightweight nature of aluminum has made it the top pick for sporting and recreational boats throughout the US. Twenty percent lighter than fiberglass and extremely durable, aluminum boats have swiftly become the best choice.

3. Long-Lasting

Owing to aluminum’s special properties, it will never decay or corrode like fiberglass. At Jet Boats of Texas, we use a special aluminum alloy that is 40 percent stronger than standard aluminum. The alloy is resistant to corrosion which makes it ideal for saltwater use. We guarantee you cannot get a more sustainable and durable product in the market today!

4. Budget-Friendly

Unlike boats that use fiberglass as the hull foundation, the use of aluminum instantly increases the resale value of your jet boat. Aluminum effectively retains more than 85 percent of its value over time. Consequently, owners of aluminum jet boats can take advantage of excellent resale benefits.

5. Cost

For the longest time, aluminum jet boats have been significantly more affordable than those made with fiberglass. That being said, advances in boat building technologies, particularly aluminum boats, have made them slightly more expensive. Nevertheless, most of jet boats are still not quite as costly as fiberglass boats.

6. Safe to Use

Safety is the most critical feature anyone interested in purchasing a jet boat should look for in a boat, and an aluminum jet boat’s one-of-a-kind drive system provides users with one the safest experience on the water.

Aluminum jet boats have an impeller instead of external props. The spinning impeller pulls water in from access inlets and then forces the water out of the nozzles situated at the boat’s end. Such impellers are inside metal tubes that are in the boat’s hull. This system allows you to sail the jet boat for hours without risk of injury due to propellers.

Aluminum jet boats are incredibly amazing when it comes to water safety. They offer unimpeded and safe access to and from the boat through the rear swim platform. Such integrated swim platforms are quite big and situated near the water, allowing several people to use the platform simultaneously.

7. Easy to Maintain

Another excellent benefit of aluminum jet boats is that they are easy to maintain as compared to powerboats and motorboats. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to maintain your jet boat at all.

To ensure your aluminum jet boat stays in good shape, all you need to do is replace the air filters and change the oil and spark plugs as required. Apart from that, you have to do a little greasing occasionally. That’s all you have to do! You do not have to worry about water pumps, props, transmissions, or impellers.

8. Shallow Drafts

Jet boats have very shallow drafts, which is quite beneficial in several aspects such as fishing. For example, it allows you to sail the boat in incredibly shallow water. In addition, it even means that there are fewer chances to collide with submerged items, given that you keep the right depth.

When Should You Choose an Aluminum Jet Boat?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, aluminum jet boats have gained a lot of popularity in recent years as they are affordable, lighter, and resistant to corrosion. So when should you think about customizing an aluminum jet boat?

  • When you have to sail in shallow waters. Aluminum jet boats are quite robust and can easily survive shallower waters and rocky beaches.
  • When you want something durable and long-lasting. As aluminum has high tensile strength, these jet boats tend to last significantly longer than fiberglass jetboats.
  • When you want a craft that’s easy to maintain:As mentioned above, aluminum jet boats are quite easy to maintain. Fiberglass jet boats need buffing and waxing using a special fiberglass gel coat. You will also have to do quite a bit of patching up as they aren’t quite as robust as their aluminum counterparts.

Last Few Words

At Jet Boats of Texas, we are a family-run and -operated jet boat builder in Texas that builds some of the best and strongest shallow rocky aluminum jet boats out there.

We understand that purchasing a jet boat is a major decision, and you should feel good about your investment. Thus, we will work with you to make sure the final product is perfectly designed to your preferences, and make your boat-building experience one that you won’t forget. We will also give you the confidence in knowing your jet boat is a unique, high-quality build that’s going to last a lifetime.