About Us

Who is Jet Boats of Texas?

We are a new Texas jet boat builder that builds what we feel is the best shallow rocky water boat out there.

After searching for many years and talking to countless boat builders, We found someone that built the boat we wanted. This is where our story began.

We talked the builder into removing the windshield and self bailing bow, removed the full width console and replaced with two small consoles. We moved the seating toward the stern to allow for a flat work platform on the bow, Just right for chasing jugs or tying a line. An inboard 4 cycle engine and full size axial flow jet pump, Provide all the power and efficiency to blast through any water you like. These pumps are the ultimate crappy water killer as they will force feed almost anything hiding under the surface. We install a stompgrate to easily shed the bigger pebbles and stringy things trying to drag you down.

We run mostly on the Pecos and Rio Grande Rivers of West Texas, Fishing for catfish. The additional benefit of these wild, rarely seen backcountry Vistas, Doesn’t hurt either.