About Us

Who is “Jet Boats of Texas”?

We are a family owned and operated Texas Jet Boat builder that builds what we feel is the best shallow rocky water boat out there. Our passion for shallow water jet boating was born in the rapids of the Rio Grande and the shallow twists and turns of the Pecos River. We are West Texas natives; a father and his two sons looking for a thrill on the water, and possessing an unwavering love for this rarely seen back country desert we call home.  

After searching for many years for what we considered to be the ideal jet boat, and talking to countless boat builders, we found someone that built the boat we envisioned, well almost. This is where our story began. After making some modifications we had always dreamed of, and completing a mound of legal work, our hull design was born.

We talked the builder into removing the windshield and self bailing bow, replacing the full width console with our split console design, and moving the seating toward the stern to allow for a flat work platform on the bow, just right for chasing jugs or tying a line. An inboard 4 cycle engine and full size axial flow jet pump provide all the power and efficiency to blast through any water you like. These pumps are the ultimate crappy water killer as they will force feed almost anything hiding under the surface. We install a stomp grate to easily shed the bigger pebbles and stringy things trying to drag you down. Our fabricators also designed a hand actuated stomp grate lever so you can clear the debris without leaving your seat.

You can find our boats now running up and down the Brazos, assisting in Law Enforcement search and rescues, reeling in Crappie on Lake Ivey, touring Dallas real estate prospects, pulling laughing kids on inflatable rafts, and of course running the rapids on our favorite shallow rivers. We are growing and learning with every build, and this is just the beginning of our wild ride.